1.Morning Sun
2.You Know Me
3.Do You Mind ?
4.Last Days Of Disco
7.Difficult For Weirdos
8.Won't Do That
9.Morning Sun (Reprise)
10.Morning Sun (Intrumental)
11.You Know Me (Intrumental)
12.Do You Mind ? (Intrumental)
13.Last Days Of Disco (Intrumental)
14.Deceptacon (Intrumental)
15.Starstruck (Intrumental)
16.Difficult For Weirdos (Intrumental)
17.Won't Do That (Intrumental)
18.Morning Sun (Reprise) (Intrumental)

Reality Killed The Video Star (Promo - 2)
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Dernière mise à jour : 03.08.13

Reality Killed The Video Star (Promo - 2)


  • Date de sortie: 23.10.09
  • Nbre Disques: 1
  • Type : Edition Promo
  • Format : Album Sampler
  • Support : CD
  • Boitier : Card Sleeve

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